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Tell us how you spent the one hour with your child. How did you feel? How did your child feel?

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About #GadgetFreeHour on Children's Day

At ParentCircle we have a single-minded mission – to build confidence in parents to raise happy, healthy, confident, compassionate children.

To be a confident parent, we believe a strong parent-child connection is the key. This in turn makes a child feel loved, understood, safe and secure.

To connect, parents need to spend time with their children. So, this Children’s Day, we urge all parents to spend one special hour, playing and engaging with their children, free from work and gadgets, and experience the joy of connection.

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Conversations on #GadgetFreeHour

  • This is great initiative. I am very glad to find this. We all need to make time for our children. We should set aside some time everyday when we turn off gadgets.



    #14th November 2019

  • Had a Fabulous time with my son Darwin... We played football and had little fun time with him ...Gud initiative by Govt via parent circle n thanks to School to support such kind of activities..


    Praveen Irudiyaraj

    #14th Nov 2019

  • We did mehandi, we ate some special food, we enjoyed a lot. Every day we are spending with my kid but to day is very special. Happy children’s day. But I am requesting every parents take pledge stop pollution and waste water and power make saroundings clean thank you



    #14th Nov 2019

  • It's a good initiative #gadgetfreehour. It was difficult to have been gadget-free for one hour. But we had passed the test. We had spent the hour with our twin-kids studying in LKG. We had played with them during that hour. The kids were also joyful during that hour. It's very sad to feel that the inanimate gadgets had taken us to such an extent that we need an initiative to share time with our kids.


    Raghunath S M

    #14th Nov 2019

  • Today evening we had a garden party with kids and enjoyed a lot... Along with gadget free, we teached kids to be eco friendly. So we carried our own plates, tumblers and water for garden party to avoid disposables.


    K V Kishore Kumar

    #14th Nov 2019

  • Our gadget free hour was so gadget free that we didn't even click pics :) It started off by me narrating stories to my kids followed by some childhood games of Chinese whispers, word building and secret tunnel.. my 6 year old made us roll with laughter during Chinese whispers.. Their father then took us out for a children day special dinner.. it was not a gadget free hour but a gadget free whole evening indeed :) We have renamed this hour as " bonding time " and pledged to include this in our daily routine.. thank u !


    Sangeeta Rao

    #14th November 2019

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